We want to create a church culture that will be very specific in focus and target. We hope to be a church that will place its emphasis on communicating God’s unchanging truths to a changing culture. We desire to allow God to build His church, allowing us to work for Him. 


Our vision is to build a healthy church culture with systems that will intentionally invest in people. Our vision is to not just be another Sunday morning service, or another church building, but to practice the life-transforming message of Jesus in ways that will have an effect in daily life. We will strive to create an environment that makes people feel loved regardless of who they are.


"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action, we can change the world."


Our Core Values are based in these 3 Values


Our foundation is the Gospel (teachings) of Jesus Christ – we are committed to making the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ known, and allowing it to change every area of our personal life, our family, our city, and our world.

We are committed to biblical truth 

    (1 Cor. 15, Jude 3, 2 Tim 3:16)

We are committed to knowing the gospel with excellence, and living out the teachings in everyday.   (1 Pet 3:15, Gal 2:14)


Each person matters to God and has importance. We recognize the importance of community and relationships as emphasized by Jesus’ teaching -  we are committed to living life together and challenging one another to grow in Christ.


We are committed to serving people in need. 

   (Luke 10:25-37, Heb 6:10)

We are committed to being unified. 

   (Phil 2:1-11, Rom 12:3-8, Heb 10:24-25)


We care for the well-being of those living in our city and in our world -  we strive to be a valuable community of missionaries that reaches our city and world with the gospel of Jesus. We are committed to being active in our community.

We are committed to being active in our community

    (Ps 133:1, 1 Cor 1:10, Rom 12:16)

We are committed to loving the community of people around us. 

    (Matt 22:39, Rom 1:16 Col 4:5-6)