Some families have a tradition of opening a Christmas present on Christmas Eve. Whether your family does that or not, we invite you to experience the gift of reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas. Join us as we pause the night before Christmas to reflect on the true story of Jesus' birth and the light that now shines in the darkness. We are meeting to do just that at our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at Radiant Church on December 24 at 7:15pm.

In keeping with our COVID-19 guidelines, The following protocols will be in place:

~ Registrations/signups will be necessary to adequately seat all guest (75 max Main Room)

            ~ We only need your name and email address 
~ We will seat people at least 6ft apart (families are able to sit together)
~ Masks will be necessary on the way to and from your seat and when you are unable to be socially distanced—may be removed while seated.
~ It will be reasonably “touchless” (no physical greeting times, doors will be opened, no offering bags passed, etc.)
~ Touchless Hand sanitizers are available throughout the facility.
~ All communication has been made digital for your convenience.

If you live near the Piscataway area, we’d love for you to join us for the Christmas Eve Candle Light service as we prepare our hearts for Christmas!

Join us in person and make a memory with your family as we celebrate the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. This service will not be streamed online so reserve your seat now.